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Want to get me a gift, or send me something in the mail?

The easiest way to send me a gift is through my Wishlist. This way if there is an issue with delivery, or if I need to exchange sizes, I can handle it myself without bothering you.

Letters and packages can also be sent to either of the addresses below.

Sizes and Preferences:

I am a US size 8 for most clothing. I wear a size 8.5 or 9 shoe, and a 32DD bra.

My absolute favorite color is turquoise/aqua/light blue.

I am a vegetarian, and not a big fan of chocolate (although I do enjoy the occasional salted dark chocolate.

My favorite band is Fall Out Boy, though I do already have all their albums on vinyl.

I love getting records as a gift, as well as pet supplies--especially things for my horse!

Mailing Addresses

Local PO Box

Electra Rayne

PO Box 31591

Las Vegas, NV 89173


My address at Sheri's Ranch

Electra Rayne

10551 Homestead Rd, Pahrump, NV 89061


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