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Candy Cotton

Meet Me
Events and Appearances

Please scroll down for a list of events and public appearances. I will also post these on Twitter. Otherwise, you can meet me near Las Vegas a few different ways:

1. Schedule a platonic date

I can occasionally make time to meet a fan for a fully platonic date in public here in Las Vegas, as my schedule allows. If you want to take me to a concert, out to eat, etc, this is the option for you! Please contact me through text or email (located in the footer of this website) to discuss details.

***All dates must STRICTLY be in public and will not include ANY sexual contact***

2. Book a private show through VSP - Vegas Stripper Parties

I am available for private party entertaining and dances, plus live toy shows, lesbian shows, and BDSM demos through VSP. Please contact them directly to book, and mention you are specifically looking for Electra Rayne.

***This is NOT an escort service!***

3. See me at Sheri's Ranch

Sheri's is a legal brothel in Pahrump, NV (near Las Vegas) and is the ONLY place I offer full service. Complimentary transportation is available from Las Vegas. My calendar (below) lists the dates I am available there, as does my profile on the Sheri's website. Appointments are strongly encouraged, and can be made by going to my profile and clicking "Book a Reservation Online" or by calling (800) 506-3565.


***Please do not contact me on platforms such OnlyFans to try to discuss bookings.***

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Events and Appearences

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