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As a thank-you for celebrating Pride with Blush, we are proud to offer you a free 30-day membership to QueerCrush, the only lesbian adult site created 100% by queer women and Sapphic nonbinary folks.

P1370997.JPG is a lesbian adult site dedicated to capturing genuine and unscripted queer connection, created by a 100% Sapphic team.


We are a trans-inclusive website and aim to showcase a diverse group of performers. Our models choose their own partners, wardrobe, makeup, and everything they do in their scenes. We don't cut or edit anything out of our videos (unless performers ask us to), and encourage things like lube usage, check-ins, and clear communication. Our goal is to film real fun between real people, rather than the typical awkward, inauthentic "lesbian porn".


 We're Here, We're Queer...Wanna Watch?

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